While women in the United States have been sticking it to the patriarchy by dressing up as handmaids from Margaret Atwood’s “The Handmaid’s Tale,” Dr. Victoria Bateman, an economics fellow at Cambridge University, is choosing instead to go naked to protest, well, everything.

Bateman was on “Good Morning Britain” Tuesday — naked, of course — to protest Brexit and argue that it’s “the emperor’s new clothes.”

It was just last week that Bateman captured the attention of Twitter by posting a full-frontal nude video to Twitter with the words “My Body, My Choice” written on her chest and abdomen in marker, along with the message:

There is *so* much to be gained by challenging the notion that women’s bodies are sinful – & by standing up to the presumption that if a woman’s body is on show, she is trashy, stupid, worthless & deserving of less respect. That’s why I for one will *not* be told to cover up.

Fine, don’t cover up. We chose not to embed the tweet (it’s still up — click at your own risk), but the responses were pretty universal.

Bateman’s not done with you, though:


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