The Deputy Director of ICE wasn’t happy Monday to hear that Democrats want to put a cap on the number of beds in detention centers, forcing ICE to release criminal aliens in their custody because of a lack of room.

On Monday evening, Sen. Bob Menendez defended the cap to CNN’s Wolf Blitzer, explaining that the real problem isn’t a lack of beds but the fact that President Trump has “criminalized” everything from crossing the border illegally to driving under the influence while an illegal alien.

And forget that “asylum” smokescreen — you apply for asylum at a port of entry, not after you’ve crossed into the country illegally and been detained.

It’s outrageous that President Trump believes being an illegal immigrant behind the wheel while intoxicated is a “crime.”

He misspoke? Well then, the Washington Post Fact-Checker should intervene and put an end to this kerfuffle.

“Sanctuary car, baby!”

Because they’re only here in search of a better life for their families, that’s why.