As Twitchy reported Tuesday morning, NBC News published a report saying that both Democrats and Republicans on the Senate Intelligence Committee had uncovered no direct evidence of a conspiracy between the Trump campaign and Russia.

NBC News’ Ken Dilanian did, however, note in a follow-up tweet that the committee had not found evidence exonerating Trump, either — which is not how investigations work, but that’s where he stood this morning, just to be clear.

President Trump even posted a “thank you” tweet which included MSNBC’s segment on the story.

However, Mother Jones reported later in the day that Democrats on the committee took issue with NBC News’ reporting. “The president is terrified about where our investigation and where the Mueller investigation may lead,” Sen. Mark Warner told Mother Jones, insisting the investigation was not over.

That story was picked up by Rachel Maddow, where it caught the attention of Dilanian:

We have to admit, it’s fun watching NBC News have to report that the committee hadn’t found any evidence of a conspiracy. Fun for us, but not for The Resistance.

He was joking, which was obvious to anyone not afflicted with TDS.


John Brennan … now there’s an unbiased source. Didn’t he lose his security clearance?

Wait until the Senate’s investigation actually is complete and the mainstream media has to report on that — it’s gonna get ugly.