Wow, the Democrats are really fumbling today, and we’re here for it.

First, you know things are bad when Den Mother Nancy Pelosi has to call Rep. Ilhan Omar into her office and tell her to lay off the anti-Semitic tweets. After that scolding, Omar issued an “unequivocal” apology which was neither an apology nor was it unequivocal; instead she concluded by lumping in AIPAC with the NRA and calling out their “problematic role” — problematic if you believe in free speech, maybe.

So who should come along but House Intelligence Chairman Adam Schiff to also unequivocally call out Omar for her anti-Semitic smears — before looping in poor George Soros and all the anti-Semitic attacks on him by Republicans. Rep. Schiff, we know you’re in bed with Soros and it’s good of you to admit it, but this is a stretch. “Unequivocal” has a strange new meaning today.

Which Republicans are those, Rep. Schiff? Maybe point us to some of their anti-Semitic tweets?

Hey, Rep. Omar … is the massive amount of money George Soros gives to Democrats “problematic” too? Funny you don’t seem to have a problem with him.