President Trump says a lot of incendiary things to be sure, but journalists like CNN’s Brian Stelter refuse to acknowledge that Trump said explicitly that “fake news” is the enemy of the people, not the press in general.

So while Stelter continues to get that bit wrong, he went ahead and recorded a podcast at the overpriced and under-attended Newseum to address the question, “How should journalists spread the word that we are not the enemy?”

“The state of press freedom.” It would have helped if journalists had spoken up when the Obama administration made Fox News’ James Rosen the subject of an espionage investigation so they could spy on him, track his movements, and go through his and his parents’ phone records. But seeing how President Trump has chucked so many journalists in prison, naturally, the topic was going to come up.

So how can journalists get out the word that they’re not the enemy of the people when they spread fake news?

Oh, we really, really like that idea. CNN couldn’t even get Gov. Ralph “Moonwalk” Northam’s party affiliation right in its chyron; how about putting a (D) or (R) next to reporters’ names?

Hell, CNN went after armed service members overseas at Christmas over red hats.

Selectively editing videos? CNN couldn’t even manage to produce an honest video of Trump feeding koi with Shinzo Abe.

Looking at you, BuzzFeed Ben.