Remember when presidential hopeful Elizabeth Warren shouted the results of her DNA test to the heavens and tried to claim $1 million she claimed President Trump owed her on a bet? Yeah, that was fun.

Things became a lot less fun for Warren Tuesday when the Washington Post dug up a state bar application on which she listed her race as “American Indian” — and there might be more where that came from:

We’ve actually covered this before, but it’s fun to see it creep back up again as Warren faces another round of questions. See, she’s always very careful to make the distinction that she’s not a member of a tribe and has no tribal affiliation. “Tribal citizenship is very different from ancestry,” she told a voter in Iowa.

So … she’s still sticking with the idea that she has Native American ancestry (which she apparently does, although it’s less than the average white American possesses)? How far is she going to ride this?

We get it. She said next to her plagiarized recipe in the “Pow Wow Chow” cookbook that she was Cherokee, and the Cherokee Nation set her straight on that point. But …