As Twitchy has reported, President Trump’s State of the Union address Tuesday night provided us with some amazing televised images of Democrats: Sen. Bernie Sanders looking like his dog just died when Trump declared America will never be a socialist nation; the hilarious slow-zoom on Rep. Adam Schiff after Trump slammed “ridiculous partisan investigations”; and Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez high-fiving thin air.

Speaking of Ocasio-Cortez, our favorite image of the night might be this looping GIF of the sour-faced freshman representative responding to, well, anything Trump might have been saying.

Democrat Joe Manchin can be seen standing; this might have been the moment Trump was talking about energy independence and how the U.S. is now a net exporter of energy — which of course Ocasio-Cortez would oppose.

You can see why we love this GIF so much.

However, the winner of the caption contest has already been decided, and it’s @neontaster by a mile:


But she saved her meanest look for a heroic ICE agent:

Employment, bad; energy independence, bad; breaking up sex trafficking rings, bad. No wonder she looked so sour.