As we noted before, the invitation to bring a guest to the State of the Union address leads to a lot of political stunts, and two Democrat members of Congress have invited “undocumented” women who worked at Trump National Golf Club in Bedminster, New Jersey.

The two women made national news when the New York Times in December blew the lid off of their working at the golf club. Two things we learned from the Times’ piece: first, there was no evidence that Trump or Trump Organization executives knew of the women’s immigration status, and second, Donald Trump is a really generous tipper.

So they came out to the New York Times last year, sat for a video interview with CNN, and are attending the State of the Union address, and they still haven’t been deported. We thought heartless ICE agents were lying in wait at all times.

Here’s how CNN Politics teed up its profile of the two women and their presence at the State of the Union:

CNN reports:

On Tuesday evening, the two women, both of whom were undocumented when they worked for Trump, will be seated in the House gallery watching their former boss deliver the State of the Union.

The pair will be guests of Democratic lawmakers looking to draw attention to the gap between Trump’s rhetoric on undocumented immigrants and the hiring practices at his clubs.

Attending the State of the Union address at the Capitol — it must be tough living in the shadows like that.