As Twitchy reported earlier Tuesday, John Ekdahl broke down into the simplest terms where the whole “learn to code” meme that Twitter is now treating as targeted harassment toward journalists came from. No, it wasn’t a GamerGate thing — it’s a direct reference to President Obama promising to put coal companies out of business and journalists suggesting unemployed coal miners learn to code.

So when waves of journalists suddenly found themselves out of work, they got back what they put out.

It’s especially delicious that the last time we checked in on podcaster Adam Best, he was trying to shame Ben Shapiro over joking about all the teary-eyed TSA stories that were making the rounds:

Funny that Best brought up mocking working class people, because Joel Gabriel Simonson retweeted this gem of his from 2017 into our timeline.

Did Best just say that coal miners should forget about their jobs ever coming back and learn to code HTML?


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