A new Monmouth poll is out Monday, and it looks like good news for Republicans. The poll is all about Democrats, but it looks like as the party moves farther and farther to the Left, most Democrats would prefer Joe Biden to take Donald Trump behind the school gym, and if not Biden, Bernie Sanders.

Biden wins in all categories except voters under 50, who still like Bernie Sanders. “Undecided” is putting up a strong showing as well, beating out about everyone except Kamala Harris.

There are literally a couple of names on here we don’t even recognize, and we’re guessing we won’t have to learn them.

Here’s where the under-50 crowd swaps Biden for Sanders:

Even Democrat women are rooting for the old, white men:

For a party that lives by identity politics, it looks like non-white Democrats want to see … Biden and Sanders.

And Democrats are worried about Howard Schultz running as an Independent and siphoning off votes — Bernie Sanders’ ego assures us he’ll try for the Democratic nomination again, so that will be handy in splitting the Democrats even further.