We know Jessica Valenti is compelled to tweet things like this, but if conservative men (and conservative women, and pro-lifers who aren’t conservative, and pro-choicers who have finally reached a threshold) are tweeting about nonexistent 40-week abortions and even “abortions” after delivery, it’s for a very good reason.

Virginia Democrats Kathy Tran and Gov. Ralph Northam are the ones who started the conversations on these topics this week, with Tran explaining (on video) that her bill would allow abortions right through the third trimester, all the way up to 40 weeks, and Northam explaining (on video) how infants who had been delivered would be “kept comfortable” while the mother and doctor reviewed their options.

So, yeah, it was probably those two videos out of Virginia, one after the other, that got people tweeting about 40-week abortions and infanticide.

Hang on now … if late-term abortions are done to save women’s lives, why did Tran’s bill include language about the mother’s mental health? Do women have life-endangering mental health issues that emerge during delivery? A lot of people were curious about that.

Oh, she’s all for abortions at 40 weeks, but if you say they’re “nonexistent” then you don’t have to consider what it actually entails.

So those videos of Tran and Northam were just distractions … conservatives pounced, we guess.