Well, somebody besides Planned Parenthood had to speak up and give Virginia Democrat Kathy Tran some cover after stomach-churning video emerged of her presenting her bill that would allow abortions up to the moment of birth.

And so we turn things over to Dr. Eugene Gu, who, by the way, retains his Twitter-verified checkmark despite his own admission that he’d set up a fake account and posed as “Dr. Mary Laury” to play mind games with a woman he was involved with. Um, Jack, isn’t that a no-no?

But back to the point: The Resistance’s favorite doctor who doesn’t perform abortions is weighing in on the Kathy Tran/Ralph Northam mess, and he’s kicking it off with a whopper:

“Democrats do not support late-term abortions.” If we weren’t talking about abortion, that would be laugh-out-loud hilarious. Tell us more, doctor.

Oh yes, of course, the Republican war on contraception, where the first shot fired was a lawsuit against a group of nuns who thought it was morally wrong to include abortifacients in their medical plans. That war on contraception.

The thread goes on — Gu has a tendency to ramble — but we’re going to end it here because we need to go back to the very first sentence and make sure it says what we think it says.

It’s true — they’re actually defending “abortion” even after delivery of the baby.

Oh man, we’d totally forgotten about Lena Dunham saying in her podcast, “Now I can say that I still haven’t had an abortion, but I wish I had.” But we do remember the #ShoutYourAbortion Abortion Storytelling Tour!

His tweet is being very richly rewarded with an epic ratio. “Democrats do not support late-term abortions” — hey, Planned Parenthood, better ask for your campaign donations back.