Earlier today, Twitchy featured a tweet by investigative reporter Sharyl Attkisson, who had compiled a list of 69 media mistakes in the Trump era (which was originally 68, but then The Telegraph had to publish an apology and pay Melania Trump “substantial damages” over an error-filled profile).

We make the occasional mistake ourselves (sorry about that), but as Attkisson’s list proved, whenever the media makes a mistake it’s always a mistake that makes the Trump administration look bad — they never err on the side of the White House.

Just for fun, seeing as it’s the one-month anniversary, we thought we’d check in on those stories claiming that President Trump blew off the troops at Christmas and was the first president to do so since 2002. All of these tweets are still up:

Keith Boykin is a CNN contributor.

Follow-up tweets setting the record straight might be out there, but these are all still up, meaning they’re all still in the timelines of everyone who retweeted them in outrage. (NBC News’ tweet has been retweeted more than 7,500 times.) And the Trump haters who get all their news from Talking Points Memo will still believe Trump didn’t visit the troops last Christmas.

And as Twitchy reported, CNN immediately pivoted to the “scandal” of the president autographing the white hoods (um, sorry, MAGA hats) brought by service members and hosting panel discussions on if disciplinary measures were in order. (They weren’t … another media error against Trump.)

So forgive us, Jim Acosta, if we’re not interested in your book about how Trump and his supporters consider CNN and other mainstream media the enemy of the people.