As Twitchy reported not once but twice yesterday, this tweet from Savanah Guthrie promising an interview with Covington Catholic High School student Nicholas Sandmann, who stood toe-to-toe with Nathan Phillips on the Lincoln Memorial steps, caused more than a few meltdowns, with critics saying they could hear the “white-on-white empathy” dripping from her voice.

Intercept columnist Medhi Hasan saw the interview as one of a kid whose parents could hire a crisis PR firm.

If we’d had verified journalists like Kurt Eichenwald going through the first, edited video frame-by-frame and posting every boy’s face to social media and demanding their names, and other journalists describing our son’s “punchable face,” and blue-checks calling for our son and his classmates to be shot on sight, we’d probably hire some help too, even if we had to pay in installments.