You might notice that we changed the words “state funds” in the Los Angeles Times’ tweet to “taxpayer money,” because as probably even Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez knows, the government doesn’t create wealth. The state has no fund without the taxpayers, and taxpaying citizens seem to be way down on the list of Gov. Gavin Newsom’s priorities.

The LA Times has the story behind a paywall, so we’re not sure if “migrant families” is strictly limited to families, but they did put a nice photo of a baby in their tweet.

We’re not trying to tell California how to spend its citizens’ money, but we do find it ironic that on the front page of the LA Times Tuesday is the story, “For 2019 homeless count, thousands of volunteers are set to deploy across L.A.” Are they trying to tell us Los Angeles has a homeless problem?

California is legally a sanctuary state, so it’s cool.

Apparently they need thousands of volunteers just to count the homeless in Los Angeles alone.

Good one.

He will; we’re not sure they will.

We have to ask: How’s that $77 billion high-speed rail project coming along?