FiveThirtyEight and ABC News have teamed up to bring us an explanation of the young Left’s anti-capitalist manifesto, which sounded interesting like watching a train-wreck is interesting.

But then we started reading and realized nearly the whole piece revolves around Nation contributor Sean McElwee, the genius who celebrated the Christmas Eve stock market plummet by noting it was a Christmas present that “rich people are losing a s**tload of money today” — never mind that the same could be said for countless middle-class citizens whose pensions and 401(k) accounts were tied up in the market.

Did he study economics with Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez?

Clare Malone writes:

For a few years now, Democratic voters have shown they’re primed for a leftward shift, and this rising group of activists and politicians wants to push them even further. At the heart of the young left’s project is a discomfort with the free market capitalist system under which we live. It’s a system deeply ingrained in many Americans’ identities, though increasingly less so: 2016 was the first year since Gallup started tracking the question that it found Democrats had a more positive view of socialism than they did of capitalism.

Many young left activists think the time has never been more right, the culture never more ready, to move left-wing politics into the mainstream. “This moment has radicalized liberals and electoralized radicals,” Maurice Mitchell, the 38-year-old new director of the Working Families Party, a New York-based progressive-left organization with close ties to the labor movement, told me.

What about the Green New Deal?

“We’re all going to f**king die of climate change,” McElwee shot back. “We have to accelerate, accelerate, accelerate.”

It’s apparently true; Ocasio-Cortez only gives the planet 12 more years.

It’s been clear since Donald Trump’s electoral victory that the Democrat Party figured the only way to fight back was to move far, far to the Left, and we’re hoping they do.

“McElwee gives the impression of an overgrown teenage boy,” Malone notes at one point. Aren’t we supposed to regard young, white men with suspicion these days, with all that toxic masculinity in the air?

Even Venezuela looks like its just about had it with being Venezuela.