We’ve already covered actress and activist Alyssa Milano plenty today; first she was calling red MAGA hats the new white hoods, and then she argued that even before encountering Nathan Phillips, the Covington Catholic High School students at the March for Life were already bigots because they were on “a school-sanctioned trip to protest against a woman’s right to her own body and reproductive healthcare.”

That line of thinking led Milano to something we’ve heard argued plenty of times before — that pro-choice men and women are also pro-life. Everyone is pro-life. If you end an unwanted pregnancy, that’s pro-life.

ABC political analyst and America’s conscience Matthew Dowd agreed:

Two things here: first, a human being is a human being at all points of its development from fertilization; that’s science — deciding that you don’t “want” to have a baby makes it a fetus or clump of cells is not science.

And as far as Dowd’s point, contraception is already more available. Ladies, look into something called condoms; you’re not sleeping with a real man if he can’t or won’t spend the buck to wear one. Hold out for a real man who’ll do his part to prevent conception.

Anyway, we don’t see in Milano’s tweet anything about “religious beliefs” vs. “scientific facts.” We don’t see her successfully appropriating the pro-life label either; if she’s pro-life, why doesn’t she announce it in her tweets?

“I am pro-life.” – Alyssa Milano, January 21, 2019

A lot of people in the thread aren’t necessarily arguing that life doesn’t begin at conception, because they don’t argue; they just flat-out state that it doesn’t. Not sure why they’re not putting all of their great scientific knowledge on display.