In December, Sens. Mazie Hirono and Kamala Harris criticized the Knights of Columbus, saying the Catholic group promoted “extreme positions” and “opposed a woman’s right to choose.” The problem arose because of judicial nominee Brian Buescher’s Catholic faith and involvement with the Knights of Columbus, which does a massive amount of charity work.

Denying Buescher a seat because of his religious faith would be unconstitutional, which is why Sen. Ben Sasse this week introduced a resolution against such unconstitutional religious tests — but some on the Left thought it was some sort of “trap” and steered clear.

Hirono, in fact, doubled down, saying that Sasse had fallen in with the “alt-right.”

“If my colleague, the junior Senator from Nebraska, wants to embrace the alt-right’s position by offering this resolution, that is his business,” Hirono said.

It’s Mazie Hirono — what more needs to be said?

Introducing a resolution to reaffirm that unconstitutional religious tests are indeed unconstitutional is controversial in 2019.