As Twitchy reported, Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s office took the extraordinary step of issuing a statement denying a “bombshell” report in BuzzFeed, saying the descriptions and characterizations in website’s story were flat-out “not accurate.”

CNN’s Chris Cuomo, with his priorities clearly in line, said that it was Mueller, not BuzzFeed, who “didn’t do the media any favors tonight.” That statement was probably far more telling than it was meant to be; the media wanted the story to be true, and Mueller went and ruined it for them.

On Saturday, CNN political analyst and Princeton University historian Julian Zelizer wanted to ensure that the average American citizen didn’t get caught up in the “frenzy” over BuzzFeed’s bogus reporting and kept his eye on the impeachment prize:

Congress, voters, and the media “can’t lose sight of the big picture in the frenzy of the moment.” Excuse us, but it was the media, not the voters and not Congress, who created the frenzy, to the point where Mueller’s office had to put a damper on it. That’s pretty big.