Based on information that came out after this article was posted, Twitchy covered this again early Sunday morning.

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‘MORE media lies’: Looks like there’s a whole lot MORE to story about Catholic students ‘harassing’ Native American protester

Editor’s note: This post was written before longer and non-selectively edited video was released that gave a clearer picture of what happened. My apologies to the Covington Catholic High School students and to the Twitchy readership. Please refer to our follow-up posts for more. – BT

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We know this isn’t the kind of post that Twitchy readers want to see, but we think it’s important to post because 1) it’s gone viral in a big way, and 2) it’s important to get on record the number of conservatives who are appalled by this video, seeing how quick, say, Newsweek was to print a story on how many conservatives were “mocking” that video of a college-age Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez dancing — every conservative we saw on Twitter said it actually made her look better and it was the worst hit-job ever.

So what we appear to have is members of a Catholic boys’ school, perhaps in Washington, D.C. for the March for Life, getting in the face of and mocking a Native American tribal elder and Vietnam veteran who was holding a ceremony on the Lincoln Memorial steps on what was also the day of the Indigenous People’s March.

And great, a bunch of them were wearing MAGA hats … thanks, guys, for the PR boost.

OK, who wants to smack that kid already?

Tell you what; we’re going to skip over all the tweets blaming President Trump and/or Catholic schools for this, because we’d never finish the post, but let’s just say there are circumstances in which we wouldn’t mind seeing someone’s MAGA cap slapped off his head.

Covington Catholic High School has since protected its Twitter feed, but plenty are passing around photos of the group. Yeah, they’re minors, but they really need to feel the consequences of this crap.

Yep, thanks for feeding liberals red meat just by standing there like a douchebag and disrespecting a veteran for absolutely no good reason. Burn that hat.

Editor’s note: A lot of people are posting photos trying to identify students by name, but we’re not going to do that because it already looks like some people have pilloried the wrong kid in their quest for justice. We’re not going to try to do a forensic analysis; we just hope the school takes action.

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This following tweet by Pulitzer-winning political columnist Cynthia Tucker is getting no traction and zero responses, but we thought it needed to be included somewhere.

That’s a pretty hot take.