Setting aside the fact that Netflix will literally green light anything (that Amy Schumer stand-up special is proof), we’re not surprised the online streaming service is serving up what will essentially be a reboot of “The Office,” but set in President Trump’s proposed Space Force. Pretty high-concept.

The video appears to mock Trump’s plans? You don’t say! Will it become an all-time classic like “Lil’ Bush” and “That’s My Bush”?

That is odd.

We’d completely forgotten Netflix had given Sarah Silverman a show where she was going to travel the country with the aim “to unite a fractured United States.” Yeah, that worked. Sarah Silverman, you get a show! And Michelle Wolf, you get a show! And Chelsea Handler, you get a show! Every liberal comedian gets a show!

It could be funny. An “Office”-type show about working at Solyndra and trying to sell solar panels could have been funny too — too bad no one thought of that.