We’ve already heard plenty about President Trump’s fast-food spread for the NCAA college football national champion Clemson Tigers at the White House, including fact-checks about how much it cost the president, how many hamburgers were really served, and how high the burgers would really stack (certainly not “a mile high” like Trump said).

A lot of people considered the shutdown spread at the White House an insult to the players, and a few have stepped up to offer the team the meal they deserve. Good Morning America’s Michael Strahan on Tuesday said he’d invite the team on the show for the proper meal they deserve.

And if Trump had served lobster and caviar on the taxpayers’ dime during a government shutdown, we’d have heard the terrible optics of that, too.

It wouldn’t matter; you wouldn’t miss the team showing up to eat lobster and caviar on camera.

It’s the thought that counts, though, right?