The thing the media still doesn’t seem to get is that trust in it eroded long before candidate Donald Trump called out “fake news” at his campaign rallies; that was just an affirmation of what conservatives had seen through the eight years of the Obama administration — a clear leftist bias and softball questions about what “enchanted” Barack Obama most about being president.

But now that President Trump is bypassing the media by going straight to Twitter, reporters feel they’re under attack — literally under attack at Trump campaign rallies, with loud chants of “CNN sucks!”

So it’s in that spirit that attorney general nominee William Barr was asked if he could see a situation where journalists would be jailed “for doing their jobs.”

Here’s how Yahoo News wrote it up:

No, he didn’t say he could envision that happening. He did say there could be a situation where somebody could be held in contempt.

Follow-up question: Can Barr foresee a situation in which a reporter — say Fox News’ James Rosen — could be named a co-conspirator in an espionage case and have his and his parents’ phone records secretly seized?