Trump’s attorney general pick William Barr is still being grilled by senators, and the usual suspects are doing their best to grandstand (for example, Mazie Hirono is going the sexual harassment route).

Sen. Cory “Spartacus” Booker came prepared to grill Barr on incarceration rates, and he’d done his homework.


At one point Barr brought up the crime rate in Chicago, which did not please Booker, who warned Barr to be careful about the language he used regarding Chicago, as it raised a lot of “racial fears or racial concerns.”

Doesn’t seem like it; not after pulling the race card like that.

We’ve heard that his friend T-Bone shared lots of his personal experiences with Booker.

But isn’t “over-incarceration” a serious problem? Here’s someone not imaginary to whom Booker might want to talk: