Democrats sure do put a lot of faith in billboards. Claude Taylor’s Mad Dog PAC, for example, put up “The NRA is a terrorist organization” after the Parkland shooting, and now Scott Dworkin’s Democratic Coalition has put up its first billboard in Kentucky demanding that Sen. Mitch McConnell end the government shutdown.

Dworkin writes over at his donation page:

We can end this shutdown right away if McConnell and enough Republicans join every Democrat in the Senate to fully fund the government, without the outrageous $5 billion for Trump’s border wall.

It is time to put political partisanship aside and end the government shutdown. The border wall is divisive, expensive and outrageous – and it is unspeakably cruel to hold federal employees hostage because of it. You must stand up to Trump and McConnell now.

“Time to put partisanship aside” … that’s a good one.

Nevertheless, Democrats are pretty jazzed that there’s one billboard up so far putting the screws to McConnell:

Exit question:

Hey, if Democrats want to spend their money funding billboards rather than Democrat campaigns, we’re all for it.