We’ve looked before at MTV’s “Decoded,” the show where hosts discuss topics on race like, “White People Whitesplain Whitesplaining.”

Raging Gay Conservative was unfortunate enough to catch an episode in which it was explained why it’s racist to call a woman “exotic.”

He writes:

Franchesca Ramsey, the host of MTV’s YouTube series Decoded, created a video explaining why it’s not a compliment to call women of color ‘exotic.’ Ramsey begins by claiming society “sexualizes” women of color by calling them ‘exotic,’ stating that she has been referred to as such by well-meaning people.

Following, Ramsey discusses three reasons why she believes women of color should not be called ‘exotic.’ Her first reason is that ‘exotic’ literally means foreign, stating that many women of color are U.S.-born and have never been outside the country. In addition, Ramsey believes that the term ‘exotic’ is based on white beauty standards, arguing that “being fetishized is not a compliment.” She even goes so far to say that it is wrong to fetishize women of color because it is often based on oppressive stereotypes.

So even if you mean well, calling a woman “exotic” is hurtful and “especially gross.” And thus ends another lesson on race from MTV — the music network called out by David Bowie for never playing videos by black artists.

They’ve got to fill airtime somehow since they don’t play music videos anymore.

Oh, if you want to watch it: