A Twitchy reported Friday night, People Magazine was pretty excited about “Januhairy,” a movement in which women would let their armpit hair, leg stubble, and everything else grow out for the month. The founder called it “an empowering project for everyone to understand more about their views on themselves and others.”

Jezebel, however, is calling it racist and asking that women not do Januhairy.

Sure, Januhairy sounds empowering if you’re a conventionally pretty and privileged white girl like Laura Jackson up there. But Prachi Gupta sets the record straight in Jezebel:

… I support Januhairy’s intentions, and if it encourages more women to embrace their body hair, that’s lovely. But let’s please keep it in perspective: a white woman discovering and promoting the wonders of not shaving her pits, in the dead cold of winter, when we shave the least anyway, is not a particularly brave stance.

Pretty white women are often celebrated for their bushy eyebrows or for their courageousness in growing long, silky strands from their pits, but it’s black and brown women and trans people we should be honoring and highlighting; they are routinely mocked, harassed, and threatened for refusing to conform to Euro-centric, Western standards of beauty. While white women are liberating their pits, brown people, who have darker, and oftentimes coarser, thicker hair (in more places), are contending with colonialist expectations of what their bodies, and hair, are supposed to look like.

Colonialism … is there nothing bad that can’t be traced back to it?

Anyway, forget all that. The value is that it triggered Jesse Singal to write an epic thread about Feel-Bad Liberalism. Stay with us here for a bit.

(We’re skipping a bit here.)

Nailed it.

Yep. You might think you’re woke, but then someone posts a tweet about how their 8-year-old is so much more woke. But it was made up because the person wanted to show how woke they are.

Anyway, we’ll agree with Jezebel on this point: Can we not do Januhairy?


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