Polls still show former Vice President Joe Biden well in the lead among Democrat voters looking toward 2020, but he’s staying pretty quiet and the flood of Democrats expected to run in his place has swelled a bit in the last day or so.

Rep. Tulsi Gabbard of Hawaii is set to make a formal announcement next week, but she told Van Jones on CNN in an interview to air Saturday that, yes, she’s running.

Surprisingly normal, but not entirely normal: Gabbard is the congresswoman who flew to Syria and met with President Bashar al-Assad in early 2017, returning to America to call for an end to U.S. intervention: “The people of Syria are crying for peace, asking the U.S. to stop arming terrorist ‘rebels’ who are destroying Syria.” The trip was arranged with the help of the Arab American Community Center for Economic and Social Services of Ohio.

Well, how about for HUD Secretary Julián Castro? He made the official announcement Saturday morning in San Antonio.

And we all know that Sen. Kamala Harris has her eye on the White House, and though she hasn’t announced her candidacy, sources say she might be waiting for Martin Luther King Jr. Day.

CBS News reports:

Sen. Kamala Harris has decided to seek the 2020 Democratic nomination for president, sources close to her told KCBS Radio. She’ll announce her candidacy on or around Martin Luther King Day, probably at a campaign rally in Oakland, the sources said.

The debate within her camp has been how, and where, to launch her campaign. The tentative plan is for Harris to enter the race with a campaign rally in the city where she was born and began her legal career.

Harris’ team wants maximum exposure for her campaign kickoff, and has been scouting for a telegenic location that could give her a “Springfield moment” akin to Barack Obama’s campaign launch in 2007 at the Old State Capitol in Illinois.

In an amusing bit, sources say Harris has been advised not to kick off her campaign in San Francisco. Democratic strategist Darry Sragow told CBS News, “San Francisco is viewed as a very nutty place by people outside of California, and frankly, by a lot of people inside California” … which makes it the perfect backdrop for Harris.

“West Coast-driven democracy?” No thank you.

Sen. Elizabeth Warren is almost certainly going to run, seeing how she’s tried to clean up the mess surrounding her Cherokee ancestry, Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand looks like she’s setting up a campaign headquarters, and we’re still waiting on Sen. Cory “Spartacus” Booker, who does absolutely nothing but grandstand.

Plus around 50 other Democrats whose names escape us at the moment.