Sen. Elizabeth Warren kicked off the new year by leaving her constituents and Washington, D.C. in the rear-view mirror and heading straight to Iowa to kick off her 2020 presidential campaign, and as Twitchy reported, members of the media were there to make fawning “she persisted” comments after her microphone went out and she just kept talking (word is the crowd was small enough she didn’t need a microphone).

As everyone knows, Warren took a DNA test and released the results to great fanfare earlier this year, as they proved she had Native American ancestry — although probably less Native American ancestry than any white American citizen plucked at random. But at least it was an attempt to get out from under that mess.

People are still curious, though, and Warren was asked in Iowa Saturday about her DNA test at a stop in, appropriately enough, Sioux City.

It was big of her to admit she’s not a person of color — boy, did she have us fooled! — but did that seem like a bit of weasel language to you? “Tribal citizenship is very different from ancestry.”

Warren learned that the hard way when representatives of the Cherokee nation made it perfectly clear in a statement that she was not a member, despite what you read in “Pow Wow Chow.” Notice, though, how her statement leaves room for her original claim that she has Native American ancestry; maybe 1/2024th of it, but still. Is she still sticking to the idea that she’s somehow Native American?

Because a potential voter asked, and he’s certainly not the last.

Well, it’s certainly not going to get any better.