As Twitchy reported Wednesday, a commission created to investigate the mass shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida last February released a 446-page report, which included a recommendation that “teachers who volunteer and undergo training be allowed to carry guns.”

Thanks probably to the timing of the report’s release, there wasn’t much of a progressive freakout over the idea of arming teachers. But monitoring Twitter is what we do, and it’s unbelievable how many people think that conservatives want ALL teachers armed and REQUIRED to carry a gun, which has never, ever been on the table.

Hey, if teachers want to keep a bucket of rocks or a stash of hockey pucks in the classroom to throw at a potential gunman, so be it. But Andrew Pollack, father of shooting victim Meadow Pollack, reminds us that no, no one is suggesting just handing out firearms to every teacher.

And he’s right. According to the Sun-Sentinel (which has done great work covering the aftermath of the Parkland shooting long after other outlets moved on), the 446-page report “also calls for laws to be changed to allow school districts to raise taxes for security improvements and to require rather than simply permit mental health providers to notify law enforcement if a patient threatens anyone with harm.”

And yes, it recommends that teachers who volunteer to be armed undergo rigorous training to respond to a school shooter.

Hey, Baltimore’s mayor is patting herself on the back for paying $500 for a “rocket launcher” in a gun buyback program — that’ll cut down on murders in the city.

Check out the Sun-Sentinel’s coverage for some more recommendations from the report, like this one: “Schools must accurately report crime and safety incidents. A South Florida Sun Sentinel investigation found that Stoneman Douglas failed to alert the state to numerous incidents and that districts throughout the state had not reported incidents such as rape, kidnapping, arson and murder.”


Yeah, when’s the follow-up town hall, CNN? We have some questions for Sheriff Israel.