We kind of lied in the headline — this take isn’t hot, it’s just been warmed over in the microwave so many times that it seems hot. You see, the only reason conservatives like to pounce on Sen. Kamala Harris is because she’s a black woman.

A lot of people have compassion for humanity, but not all of them feel compelled to tweet about it for political purposes.

And do you know what a liberal’s least favorite kind of person is? A black conservative. Change our minds — we’ve read all of your tweets about black conservatives being “professional buck dancing blackface artists” and tokens and house slaves and clowns in blackface and Uncle Toms and a whole list of names we can’t (and wouldn’t) type here.

But it’s conservatives who can’t deal with a strong black woman (who also happens to be consistently liberal in her politics):

Show us how much you love women of color who speak their minds: add the hashtag #NikkiHaley2024 to your next tweet.

Um, you might want to have a talk with your (we presume) fellow Democrats who consistently rank Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders (and now Beto O’Rourke) far ahead of everyone else (including Harris and Sen. Cory Booker) in every poll regarding 2020.

You mean this Condoleezza Rice?

Tell us again who has a problem with strong black women who speak their minds.