Bill Kristol, formerly editor-at-large for the now-shuttered Weekly Standard, is pretty clear where he stands on immigration. Only July 4, he aired an ad on Fox News heavily featuring footage of Ellis Island and reminding us (and Fox News viewer Donald Trump) that America is a nation of immigrants (although Sharyl Attkisson noted that illegal immigration was on most Americans’ minds).

So it’s no surprise that Kristol is joining rapper Talib Kweli Greene in comparing Trump’s proposed border wall to the Berlin Wall (though Kristol didn’t mention that it was built by the Nazis and torn down in 1991).

Yeah, but then you have the Democratic Socialists of America (and some Democrats too) demanding that there be no border, period. It’s a lovely thought, but there’s nothing inherently immoral about a country enforcing its sovereign borders. Plus it makes maps that much more interesting.

And though we love Ronald Reagan, we were less thrilled to hear his statements on amnesty for illegal aliens.

So what’s the solution? Tear down the existing fencing and let the Border Patrol deal with it? If a wall is bad, fences are bad.

There are a lot of liberals and Never Trumpers in Kristol’s timeline disagreeing with his first sentence and insisting that a wall on the Southern border could be used to keep U.S. citizens in.

But as we always point out, why do the celebrities who keep swearing to leave America say they’re going to Canada and not Mexico (and then stay anyway)?