It’s Amy Schumer, not Chelsea Handler, who’s always being accused of stealing other people’s material, right? Handler’s take on the Senate’s 87-12 vote to send the First Step Act back to the House is something we’ve already seen hundreds of times in other threads, but she’s the professional activist and comedian, so we’ll give her writing credit:

Notice that, “I mean, I’ll take it” in that tweet? This was bipartisan legislation that was pushed hard by people like Sen. Cory Booker and Jared Kushner (not to mention that Oval Office visit by Kim Kardashian, where she lobbied successfully for a pardon for 63-year-old Alice Johnson, serving a life sentence for a nonviolent drug offense).

Speaking of criminal justice reform and idiots, wasn’t it Handler who proved in a recent tweet that she didn’t know that an indictment is not “proof of criminal activity”? Yes, it was her:

“These are facts.”

Handler’s Kushner joke was pretty lame, and the majority of Handler’s followers are all tweeting, “My thoughts exactly.” And that’s what’s scary; how many of them actually believe Trump supported the First Step Act to keep himself and his family out of jail? A lot, sadly.

But it seems sadly predictable she had to find some way to downplay what Democrats and Republicans — led by the president — are celebrating as an important step in reforming the justice system. Sure, 87 senators from both parties supported it so Kushner would receive a reduced sentence.

We think it was just an attempt at a joke … maybe?

It’s true … like we said, she’ll take it.