You know how CNN’s Brian Stelter, who with Oliver Darcy is becoming even more of a national scold than Matthew Dowd, said earlier that it’s partly the media’s fault that the public doesn’t know more about “how much trouble the president is in” and how Russian meddling is an ongoing threat to our republic?

He might be right. After all, after White House senior adviser Stephen Miller appeared over the weekend on Face the Nation, all we know from outlets like the New York Daily News is that Miller was sporting spray-on hair.

Like firefighters running into the flames, someone at Vox green-lit a story on how spray-on hair isn’t really a spray but a powder.

Don’t blame Epstein; she works at Bloomberg. But yeah, no serious person needs to be retweeting this.

For what it’s worth, the author of the piece actually outed the Vox deputy editor who decided it was worth writing up and publishing.

P.S. The deputy editor who approved the piece also has a warning in her Twitter bio: “Don’t personally talk to me about capitalism if you don’t wanna get yelled at.” Capitalism, no; spray-on hair, yes.