As if Millennials hadn’t already stopped having children, they now at least have a reason apart from never dating and never leaving their parents’ houses, according to the results of a study performed at the University of Melbourne. Research suggests that having that second child makes the risk to the parents’ mental health “exponentially greater” than if they had just one.

Here’s some of the shocking news that the researchers uncovered; parents might want to sit down for this: “a second child doubles parents’ time pressure, adding further stress to their lives and negatively affecting their mental health.” But it not only doubles the time pressure — it’s far worse than that.

Christian Gollayan reports in the New York Post:

Bianca Rodriguez, a marriage and family therapist, says the study’s findings are consistent with her professional experience.

“It’s been said that having one child is what you’d expect but having two is like having 10,” Rodriguez, who’s based in Los Angeles, told The Post. “This is because the amount of attention required for two children is not doubled, it’s exponentially greater because now you have the added dynamic between the children to manage.”

And yet so many women do manage it, and do it very well.

You have to read all the way to the end to get to the researchers’ recommendation: “The study advises ‘collectivizing childcare’ and investing in school buses, lunch programs and more flexible work policies so fathers can have a bigger role at home.”

Collectivizing childcare? So, it does take a village to raise a child after all? Hillary was so wise.

Yeah, “higher stress levels” seem to be the mental illness they’re talking about.

Quick, someone get this man some grant money!

That’s a man, baby.

Because they consume precious planetary resources and contribute to man-made climate change, duh.

Here’s a special shout-out to all the breeders out there making it happen.