Well, Vanity Fair finally did it. We knew that during the Brett Kavanaugh confirmation hearings, the Washington Post had gotten the scoop on the prep school lifestyle at Kavanaugh’s high school, Georgetown Prep, by having a reporter who attended a different school down the street report on what he saw there in the ’80s.

Because, you see, it was important to establish that every prep school boy then was steeped in rape culture, and therefore Brett Kavanaugh too was a rapist, drugging the punch and then coordinated gang rapes at parties that girls knowingly attended.

They’re a little late, but Vanity Fair has finally finished its deep-dive into what really goes on at Georgetown Prep.

But what’s up with this headline?

Just in case that image is obscured, here it is again:

“Other” disturbing secrets? And the Kavanaugh allegations were far from the only troubling behavior she found? Seems to us there’s a significant difference between allegations and actual troubling behavior.

Read the piece if you feel like it, but here’s one damning tidbit the contributor found:

So another woman from another school also doesn’t remember where or when she was sexually assaulted and can’t produce any witnesses, so that means … what? Kavanaugh sexually assaulted “Chrissy”?

And then there’s the story of a predator priest who is now a registered sex offender:

And sexual assault by a priest has what to do with the Kavanaugh allegations and the “other” disturbing secrets? This is almost as bad as Sports Illustrated tapping Christine Blasey Ford to present an award to the gymnast who first spoke out about convicted serial child molester Larry Nassar. Subtle.

Maybe it’s past time to stop assuming without evidence (other than a snapshot of ’80s prep school culture) that Kavanaugh got away with something. That or produce some evidence.