As we wrote earlier, we knew the moment that first incendiary (and light on facts) tweet popped up from the Washington Post announcing that a 7-year-old had died in CBP custody that the majority of people would stop reading right there, blame who they’ve been conditioned to blame, and post things like this:

God bless this little saint, indeed. But as terrible a story as it is — and it is terrible — there are a lot of people who ask that Lewis et al. leave “we” out of it.

No, we didn’t. Like CNN reported in its timeline, “we” revived her twice after her father signed a form saying she was healthy. “We” airlifted her to a hospital in El Paso and “we” managed to revive her a third time before she succumbed to septic shock. A lot of people are heartsick about this, and angry that her father allowed her to starve and dehydrate.