What’s the chance that a leftist activist not named Chelsea Clinton would get a deal writing “empowering” children’s books for young girls? Pretty good, obviously, as actress and activist Alyssa Milano just signed a deal with Scholastic to write a series of books for kids.

As Twitchy readers know, Milano has experience with kids’ books, having recently treated us all to a reading of the classic Christmas tale “One ShIXtty Gift.,” allegedly written by Education Secretary Betsy DeVos. (Get it? The capital IX in shIXtty is for Title IX.)

That little tome taught us all how due process has no place on college campuses, where kangaroo courts set up by the gender studies department decide guilt or innocence, with or without evidence and no ability to face your accuser.

NewsBusters reports:

On Thursday, Entertainment Weekly reported that “Milano has signed a major book deal with Scholastic to a series entitled Hope, with the first volume slated for an October 1, 2019 release.” The book, which is illustrated by Eric S. Keyes, follows the adventures of young female protagonist Hope, who “seeks to create social change in her community.”

Calling her new series “empowering” (Gosh we get it, already,) Milano stated that it’s important for the sake of kids discovering that their “voice matters.” “I’m so excited about my new character, Hope Roberts,” she said. “She believes in dreaming big. She’s brave and strong and confident in her abilities — but she’s also a girl just trying to survive middle school.”

Hope’s here to help youngsters understand that they can be all they can be, like top of their class, captain of the JV cheer squad, and still have time to go down to the Supreme Court for their annual exercise in liberal group scream therapy.

To be honest, that doesn’t sound too bad — not as bad as we thought. At least it’s set in middle school. Our policy is to leave kids out of it, but Milano is the one who offered up that her own children, ages 7 and 4, are already anti-NRA, pro-choice feminists. So yes, we’re relieved her books aren’t for preschoolers.