NBC News is reporting Thursday afternoon that “dozens” of bomb threats are being reported at locales across the country:

The fact that they’ve been sent electronically and simultaneously sounds like it could be one person or a collection of people who coordinated the stunt online via social media. We’re reminded of the time two years ago when teens were screaming warnings about gunshots in several malls simultaneously, causing panic and evacuations.

Matthew Keys says that according to WABC-TV, the bomb threats number in the hundreds, not dozens.

It’s odd — if it were one bomb threat, it would be much easier to take seriously than hundreds all at once, so the motive really does seem unclear here.

The official Twitter account of the New York City Police Department says it might be part of a bitcoin scam:

* * *


Yeah, if your child was evacuated from school today, it’s probably the result of a spam email blasted nationwide demanding payment in bitcoin to remove the “bomb” and keep it from detonating.

Twitchy will update this story as more details become available.