All that talk back in 2012 about Mitt Romney wanting to kill Big Bird really amounted to nothing, as scrappy little Sesame Workshop cut a sweet deal with premium cable channel HBO to crank out new episodes and draw in even more revenue.

But that doesn’t mean Sesame Street has forgotten about the least fortunate of us. Well, it did for a while, but now Sesame Workshop has checked back in on muppet Lily, who was experiencing food-insecurity back in 2011, and found she’s now homeless.

Is it just us, or is “to raise awareness” shorthand for “do absolutely nothing that would require personal sacrifice”?

For those wondering if “Sesame Street” is the best place to teach preschool children about homelessness, The Hill reports that Lily “will be featured in upcoming online videos and interactive activities” designed for children aged 2 through 6 … so children will be able to log on and learn about homelessness there.

Can’t the human characters use some of that sweet HBO money to find Lily shelter somewhere?

But … coloring pages!

Maybe they could screen some videos for Nancy Pelosi so she knows what her own district looks like.