CNN’s chyrons — those little text banners they run across the bottom third of the screen — have really become something to watch lately, as the cable news network openly editorializes under the banner of “breaking news.”

We all had fun when CNN ran hours and hours of uncensored chyrons including Trump’s supposed quote about “s**thole countries,” and this is almost as good:

That’s right, it’s breaking news that sources say that Trump is “super pissed” that his first choice to replace John Kelly as chief of staff, Nick Ayers, turned down the job.

Nah, he doesn’t drink.

Can we get a second source on record?

It’s too bad this doesn’t go both ways; e.g., “Jim Acosta super pissed that he wasn’t called on in press briefing” or “Jim Acosta super pissed that CNN was relegated to back row at Rose Garden press conference.”