As Twitchy reported earlier Monday, no conservative who was paying attention at all wasn’t surprised that Supreme Court Associate Justice Brett Kavanaugh joined with four liberal judges in turning away a petition from Kansas and Louisiana seeking a ban on abortion providers. It didn’t matter how many times he said that Roe v. Wade was settled law — no one on the Left believed him.

Adam Best, who has some sort of newsletter, thought Kavanaugh’s decision was a great opportunity to dunk on conservatives who’d supported him.

No, the progressives who tried to ruin Kavanaugh weren’t wrong! See, this was just a Trojan horse to lure liberals into complacency.

It’s 5-dimensional chess and they’ve caught on.

Please, tell us how long third-wave feminists have known that abortion has never been the actual target, because they’ve done a masterful job of pretending that abortion was a sacrament above all rights enumerated in the Constitution.

Um, if you’d like to meet some people who are pro-abortion, we can hook you up.

We’re going to end the post here because we just can’t take any more.