You know what we’d like? We’d like Robert Mueller to put up or shut up. And Ari Fleisher agrees, writing an opinion piece in today’s Wall Street Journal called, “Wrap It Up, Mr. Mueller.”

Charles Payne agrees, adding that some decisive action by Mueller would even lower the pressure on the stock market.

We still remember the time on CNN when Soledad O’Brien was caught on camera getting her notes from a printout from über-lefty site Talking Points Memo while debating — um, interviewing — Virginia House of Delegates member Barbara Comstock on Paul Ryan’s Medicare plan, so we’re not sure she has a lot of room to be judging other journalists.

So we’re siding on Payne with this one, and he has a point. Remember when ABC News’ Brian Ross spouted some fake news about Michael Flynn and the stock market tanked and people lost millions?

Not the sharpest tack, huh?



That’s classy.