We actually called this the other day when putting together that piece on the Cleveland radio station that had pulled seasonal rape culture anthem “Baby It’s Cold Outside” from rotation after a listener complaint — some people in the comments brought up Disney’s “Kiss the Girl” from “The Little Mermaid” as the next song to go under the chopping block. And …

Now Princeton’s male a cappella group is pulling “Kiss the Girl” from its set because it promotes toxic masculinity.

Here’s the column from the Daily Princetonian that prompted the group to drop the song:

Noa Wollstein wrote:

The song launches a heteronormative attack on women’s right to oppose the romantic and sexual liberties taken by men, further inundating the listener with themes of toxic masculinity. In trying to motivate Eric to kiss Ariel, the crab, Sebastian, makes use of lines such as, “Looks like the boy’s too shy,” “Don’t be scared,” and “It’s such a shame, too bad/You’re gonna miss the girl.”

Such expressions imply that not using aggressive physical action to secure Ariel’s sexual submission makes Eric weak — an irrefutable scaredy-cat. Applied outside of the realm of the movie, these statements suggest that masculinity is contingent on domination of women. This attitude can catalyze violent tendencies toward, and assault against, women.

So if the song inundates the listen with themes of toxic masculinity, which can catalyze assault against women, the Tigertones could be subconsciously programming audience members to assault women as they leave the performance.

To be honest, Wollstein’s real problem lies with the performance, in which the Tigertones bring up random audience members on stage and expect heteronormativity to take its course. “I have seen a queer student brought on stage have to uncomfortably push away her forced male companion,” she writes.

But she didn’t provide verbal consent … of course, she’d been cursed and couldn’t speak until she’d been kissed, so …