It’s no secret that we break out the quotation marks whenever referring to the Washington Post’s “conservative blogger” Jennifer Rubin, and if there’s any difference left between her and WaPo’s Max Boot, we’re not sure what it is.

Boot has said he can no longer be a Republican (fine with us) and declared that “the GOP must suffer devastating defeats starting in November” and must be “burned to the ground,” while Rubin found Beto O’Rourke’s campaign “overwhelmingly positive and at times inspirational.”

Looks like both of them have contracted Beto fever, with Boot praising Rubin’s advice to O’Rourke to “study up, travel, and show he can pass the commander in chief test.”

Us too!

But seriously:


Well, she’s the “conservative” panelist whenever she appears on MSNBC, providing ideological balance.


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