In case you missed it, the Hollywood Reporter broke the news Sunday that CRTV, the online home of Twitchy founder Michelle Malkin, and Glenn Beck’s TheBlaze were merging to form Blaze Media.

Exciting news for whom? White nationalists, maybe?

We don’t know much about Nathan Bernard other than that he has a blue check on Twitter, so he must be important. Plus he threatened to sue us (he didn’t) over a post in which he blamed Ben Shapiro for that mosque shooting in Canada. Oh, and he also “outed” @neontaster as Shapiro’s father. So we kind of know a little about him.

He also has an important warning: this merger of TheBlaze and CRTV will have a body count.

So … will Blaze Media be a mega-platform for white nationalists to incite violence, or does the merger have to include Ben Shapiro’s Daily Wire for that to happen?