Best-selling author Jeff Pearlman just wanted to buy his son a basketball at Big 5 Sporting Goods, but the store lost that $10 sale the second Pearlman spotted the display of hunting rifles.

Mock him if you will about costing the store the sale of a basketball; just wait until his tweet spreads like wildfire and likely shuts down Big 5.

No, the rub of social media is getting ratio’d — it chafes because suddenly you’re aware that there are a lot of people who exist outside your bubble.

Even Vice President Joe Biden practically begged American citizens to buy shotguns for self-defense.

All he’s saying is, guns should be sold at gun stores, not sporting goods stores.

Even people who would happily consider additional gun control laws aren’t that intimidated by a wall of hunting rifles.

Nothing in the pic looks particularly menacing … but sure, the government is only interested in taking away your scary looking AR-15s.