Correction: From a follow-up tweet it looks like Stelter will be talking to Cenk Uygur about Ocasio-Cortez’s owning of the cons online, so double that tongue-bath.

* * *

Facts first: we’re getting pretty tired of writing about Congresswoman-elect Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, because there’s honestly only so much ridicule you can lay on a person before it gets tedious.

If you have been paying attention, here’s Ocasio-Cortez’s playbook: she does an interview or a podcast or a cable TV hit or just posts a video of herself saying something utterly stupid — say, that the three chambers of government are the Senate, the House, and the presidency — and when she gets called on it, she (and the media) takes it as a sign of how frightened conservatives are of her radical socialist ideas. Forget the little details like the three branches of government of how she’s going to pay for Medicare for All.

CNN’s media guy Brian Stelter apparently liked Ocasio-Cortez’s takedown of Fox News for calling her a “little, simple person,” so he’s having Cenk Uygur as a guest on Sunday’s “Reliable Sources” to talk about her owning of the cons and how she does it so deftly.

Hey, if foreign languages are so important, when is Ocasio-Cortez going to catch up to Melania Trump?

Anyway, if there’s one thing Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez needed is more media attention, and since CNN’s kind of keeping its distance from celebrity lawyer Michael Avenatti, someone has to fill up the time.

Ew, gross … yet accurate.

No one under 30 will believe us, but Dan Quayle was not stupid; the media made certain his misspelling of “potato” will be all that generations will remember him for.

Hey, isn’t it President Trump who gets all the flak for firing back at critics on social media?