Twitchy has already reported only plenty of pieces to help out with politically charged conversation around the Thanksgiving table Thursday, with some urging white women to rehearse their talking points on systemic racism and xenophobia, but the most ridiculous being the New York Times’ interactive conversation with “Angry Uncle Bot” (the conservative outlier in the family, obviously).

Bethany Shondark made the strongest case yet: don’t talk politics at the dinner table.

#NeverTrumper Tom Nichols, who shocked the nation earlier Wednesday by declaring on MSNBC that Boston is a better band than Led Zeppelin, appended this bit of advice to Shondark’s piece.

The only fool who’s going to suffer in that conversation is the one who prefers Boston, and he deserves to be ridiculed.

And you just know these clowns below voted for Jill Stein or Evan McMullin or Gary Johnson:

Pink Floyd vs. Chicago? We can’t help you there.