There are those of us who remember America before and after 9/11, and Vox’s Ezra Klein seems damned certain that those studying Vox’s videos and articles in 100 years (we kid) will know there was an America before and after Donald Trump’s election, and that democracy worked in that first America, but then Trump stole the election and we learned the entire constitutional foundation of the country had to be torn down.

When we learned President Trump was going to nominate a second Supreme Court justice, Klein explained what needed to be done to “fix” SCOTUS, and Vox even ran a piece on the case for abolishing the Supreme Court altogether.

Then, on the eve of the midterms and with inflated hopes of a blue wave, Klein warned of the crisis that would follow were Democrats to “win the House popular vote” but not the majority of seats.

Plus, others have suggested getting rid of the Electoral College and the Senate. You know, just scrap everything because Hillary Clinton didn’t win.

It looks like words were not enough, so Klein’s dumbed it down and made a video explaining America’s newfound “democracy problem.”

Pro tip: If you work for Vox, avoid any reference to bridges if you want to be taken even a little bit seriously.

And even big states like California still only get two Senators — what’s up with that?

Liberals are going to need some time to let that sink in.

If you’d asked us the roots of America’s current democracy problem, we’d say it’s Democrats like Hillary Clinton and Stacey Abrams refusing to accept a loss at the ballot box.